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All you need to manage Diabetes

Better Glycemia Management,

Better Weight Loss, Better Health

Online retail

Bloomedin offers a range of products available to help support you. In addition to blood glucose monitoring supplies, we carry a wide variety of products for diabetics including creams and lotions, skin care, diabetic socks, first aid supplies, vitamins, and supplements. We also carry sugar-free cough and cold products that are safe for diabetics. Your knowledgeable Bloomedin specialist can help select the right products for you. 

 High End Medical products in your Pocket

Easy to use at home or on the GO, BloomedIn is always there to look after you. 


It Starts with Only
       One Breath

Exhale into the device and let BloomedIn come back with answers. Yes, only from a single breath sample!

Finally Get    Answers

At last! Why those blood sugar rises, why those stomach aches, why those rashes, why this headache? 

BECAUSE you are UNIQUE and every day is different !

Clinical Studies

BloomedIn medical and scientific team is constantly going forward and discovering new  possibilities. Do you want to participate? 

Backed by Science
Trusted by Doctors

Breath testing  is available  in the best hospitals in the world. We wanted to make this powerful tool available for everyone so we miniaturized the technology and made it accessible. It’s now easy to discover how your body is reacting to your day to day life and especially WHAT is causing WHAT.​ (Blood sugar rise, Headache, gaz, bloating,...)

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Our Partners


Different Gases Analyzed


Health Markers Tracked


Ongoing Clinical studies


Scientifics and passionate visionaries


Patent Pending



Are You Ready for What
AI is helping us achieve? 

Bringing together medical science and Artificial Intelligence, BloomedIn is revolutionizing the way we approach metabolic diseases management.


"BloomedIn is empowering and giving freedom to live a better life for those suffering from metabolic diseases."           

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