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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce human suffering and the associated costs, with the help of artificial intelligence.

How does it Work?


Strenght of the group number

As more and more people join, BloomedIn becomes better at predictions and pattern identification. This awareness will change lives!

BloomedIn measures different gases in your breath

Science can now link different gas and their concentrations in the breath to different health conditions. We just have to read it !

AI helps you identify your triggers

You are unique, and you do so much in a day. A little help at finding solutions to feel better is always welcome! That's what AI does.


Bringing together the complementary strengths of two visionaries cumulating 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field, with the knowledge and cumulative DATA of a recognized researcher thanks to his 324 scientific publications, with the principles of machine learning mastered by a team of veterans of AI with 150 years of experience in large companies, this project aims to develop neural networks allowing the optimization of the treatment of metabolic diseases at a distance and thus meet the growing need for solutions to reduce health costs in the country .

Together, we change lives for the better! Join us!

Experienced Leadership

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